Will Your Money last as long as You do?

Financial Insights, Inc. was founded in 1992 as an Independent Financial Planning organization to serve Rochester, NY.   

An introductory meeting allows the client and advisor to become acquainted, and aids the advisor in understanding what your personal needs are.
You will complete a confidential information form and we will review together. A customized financial plan can then be developed to address the your short-, mid- and long-term goals.

Eileen J. Trott   
has been an independent representative since 1982, and has been the President and CEO of Financial Insights, Inc. since 1992.  Her experience in financial planning has allowed her to focus on filling the needs of "involuntary early retirees", seniors, and younger families who are concerned with the permanence of their employment and benefits.
Eileen enjoys working with both people and numbers so she spends her time doing both.  Eileen and her husband Tom have three adult children, four wonderful grandchildren and five grand-dogs.

Financial Insights, Inc. is located in Greece, NY, a suburb of Rochester, NY.

You may contact Eileen at insights@frontiernet.net